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by Jeff Vance on January 23, 2013

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I’ve been writing a lot about startups lately. Earlier this month, two of my stories posted in CIO and Network World. “10 Mobile Startups to Watch” and “7 Hot Startups to Watch in 2013” did really, really well. All in all, 16 startups (there was one that  made both lists) got a ton of publicity, and after the stories posted my inbox filled up.

Now, my editor at CIO wants to do some more of these. Next up, “Hot Cloud Startups to Watch.” CIO-Startups to Watch

If you represent a company that would like to be considered, please fill out the following questionnaire and return it to

Deadline: 2/1.

Cloud Startup Questionnaire

1. What is the company’s name?

2. URL?

3. Where is it headquartered?

4. When was it founded?

5. Who is the CEO?

6. What problem do they solve?

7. How do they solve it?

8. How is that different from other solutions in the market?

9. What’s the size of the market they’re targeting? Do you have anything to back those projections up?

10. How much funding have they raised and from whom?

11. Do they have any customers they can name on the record? If yes, who?

Get your answers to by 2/1, and, as always, remember that any vendor fluff in your answers will hurt your chances for inclusion. Be straight and avoid telling me how “awesome, revolutionary and market changing this is.” Instead, focus on what the problem is, why that problem is a big deal, and why this startup’s approach to solving that problem is a big deal.

And while we’re on the subject of startups, check out my new project, Startup50. As you can probably guess, I’ll put up another startup50list of finalists, but it’ll post on Startup50 instead of here on the Sandstorm Media blog. That’s right, there was so much interest in these stories and in my Mobile 40 list that I decided to launch a whole new site.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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