Content Marketing, Copywriting, and Social Media Services

Jeff Vance and the team at Sandstorm Media help technology companies develop and execute content-marketing and social-media campaigns.

To be successful in your content marketing efforts, you need a range of content, everything from website copy to white papers to product data sheets.

Content does more than just get your message out. It helps you build trust. A recent Edelman Trust Barometer study found that content was critical for building trust in B2B marketing. Unfortunately, though, most people believe that they must hear a message 3-5 times or more for it to resonate, while a full 11% of respondents admit that they must be engaged 6-9 or even 10 or more times before the message hits home — which means that content marketing is a ongoing process.

Sandstorm Media will help you engage your prospects with solid content. With compelling content, you build trust, establish your brand, and push your message into the consciousness of your intended audience.

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At Sandstorm Media, we focus on 4 Key Content Pillars: blog posts, thought-leadership articles, white papers and case studies. Why are these the 4 Key Content Pillars? Each one addresses a specific stage in the stage cycle, and each one helps draw prospects closer to you.

With Blog Posts, you can help new prospects tackle their problems, further engage existing customers and communicate with your industry sector. Blog posts also serve as the foundation of your social media efforts, and as a farm system for thought-leadership articles. Your best blog posts should be expanded and pitched as thought-leadership articles to industry publications.

Thought-Leadership Articles boost your reputation with colleagues, prospects and even your competitors. Placing a thought-leadership article in an industry publication will heighten your brand and build trust with readers. You have a chance to voice your opinion on how to solve industry problems, and, more importantly, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.

White Papers are critical to closing sales. A study by Eccolo Media found that “when asked to describe the influence of a white paper on the purchasing decision, 65 percent of respondents rated them as ‘very’ to ‘extremely influential.'” Moreover, 51 percent of respondents felt that high-quality writing is either very important or extremely influential. White papers are a place where you can show prospects that you understand their pain points and that you have a compelling way to solve those pains. White papers are also the single best way to capture new leads.

The same Eccolo Media study found that when asked to describe the influence on buying decisions, a full 68 percent of respondents rated Case Studies as “very” or “extremely influential.” Case studies show prospects the way forward. They help build trust because your existing customers are vouching for you. They’re better than testimonials because customers describe their problems and show how they solved them, which helps new prospects envision how you will help them. Even for prospects that you’ve pretty much nailed down, case studies are still valuable. Buyers still want validation. They want information that will back up the fact that they made the right choice.

Of course, Sandstorm Media offers other content services too, including copy for email auto-responders, elevator pitches, Tweets, websites, landing pages and even e-books, but if you don’t have the content pillars in place, your content marketing efforts will suffer.

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